School History

The Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial (HKSYC&I) Association was founded by the benevolent villagers in Enping (恩平), Kaiping (開平), Xinhui (新會) and Taishan (台山), with the aims to protect the rights and welfare of the natives, keep in touch with countrymen residing abroad and serve the community.

“It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man”. This idiom embodies the important role of education in the development of a nation. Understanding the significance of educating youngsters, the HKSYC&I Association has made a tremendous effort in nurturing our next generations throughout the years by establishing various schools.

The HKSYC&I Association is one of the renowned sponsoring bodies in Hong Kong. Currently, four schools are run by the association, namely, the HKSYC&IA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College, Chan Nam Cheong Memorial College, HKSYC&IA San Wui C.S. School and Chan Nam Cheong Memorial School.

In the 1970s, compulsory education was implemented in Hong Kong. The HKSYC&I Association was undoubtedly one of the sponsoring bodies that played an active role in supporting the policy. In order to commemorate the contributions that Mr. Wong Tai Shan had made, Mr. Wong Chung On, the school founder, spent a considerable sum of money on building the school. Since 1975, under the guidance of our School Supervisor, Chairman, Managers and the Principal, and with the joint effort and cooperation of our staff, we have made steady progress in boosting the school reputation and nurturing all-round graduates. As a renowned school, the school and students’ achievements have long been recognized.