Following the ideas of “Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic” as the school missions, the school puts equal emphasis on boosting students’ academic performance, nurturing students as a cultivated person and maintaining a free and harmonious environment so that our students can learn effectively and develop their potentials thoroughly. The school anticipates our students can learn to be an all-round, righteous and responsible citizen upon graduation.

Under the influence of the latest education reforms, the school has incorporated inspiring students’ potentials and widening their horizons as one of the school objectives. It is hoped that students can have a balanced school life in terms of academic and extracurricular activities.


The design of our school badge is adapted from that of the Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial Association. The four yellow rings intersect in the middle, representing the four regions Enping(恩平), Kaiping(開平), Xinhui(新會) and Taishan(台山) that mutually support each other. The blue in the background symbolizes water whereas the red symbolizes earth, embodying a profound philosophy with a simple design.

The motto of our school is “Faithfulness(忠), Forgiveness(恕), Diligence(勤) and Intelligence(敏)”, all of which are the traditional virtues in our Chinese culture. It is anticipated that our students can learn to be faithful and accepting of the shortcomings of others, be dedicated to their studies and make justified decisions without bias.